Water Exercise

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Information On Cold Water Exercise

Water exercise is usually done in warm water. Why? Warm water provides lots of benefits due to the comfort it gives and the temperature's effect on blood circulation, muscles, and joints, among others. But did you know that water exercise in cold water is also beneficial?

It may be hard for most people to imagine enjoying a cold water exercise routine. Indeed, cold water exercise is definitely not for everyone. But to those for whom it is allowed (or those who can tolerate it!) cold water exercise brings lots of benefits.

Water is classified as ‘cold’ when it has a temperature of around 85 degrees Fahrenheit, i.e., 10 degrees below the temperature of the human body.

Who Can Benefit from Cold Water Exercise?

People with the following disabilities can benefit from cold water exercise.

* multiple sclerosis
* polio
* impaired coordination
* poor balance
* visual impairment
* chronic pain

Examples of cold water exercises are the following.

* water walking
* water leg lifts
* water arm lifts

So How Does Cold Water Exercise Help?

Cold water exercise can help people with special conditions in the following ways.

* People who have difficulty in walking can easily walk in cold water. The body is lighter in water, which makes movement easier.
* Cold water is an ideal workout environment for people who are sensitive to heat.
* Cold water prevents over-heating of the body. (Cold water continuously lowers body heat that results from exercise.)
* Cold water exercise improves circulation, strength, flexibility, and endurance.

Whether you have a special health condition or are just looking for a fun and painless way to stay in shape, cold water exercise can be a good addition to your exercise program. If you are doubting whether cold water workouts are good for you, see your physician first before trying it out or consult a fitness trainer at your local gym.

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