Catholic Meditation

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The divine fruits of meditation

Dr. Roberto A. Bonomi

There are many different types of meditation and one of them is catholic meditation. This article is not directly related to catholic meditation but will help you to understand what meditation can do for you. If you are interested in catholic meditation then this article will be a good read

The best way to achieve the Sreyokarma or the liberating karma is through the meditation. And meditating will lead us to the path of soul's happiness that's etern and sacred.

As a result of the meditation the mind will withraw from the sensorial world and will reach joy, happiness and truth and will not be disturbed any more by sorrow and greed.

Meditation should be practiced with enthusiasm faith and care, following estrictly the established disciplines.

Some think that the benefits of the meditation are that they will be able to easily satisfy their mundane wishes.

But that is a great mistake, because the meditation and the repetition of the name of God are ment to acquire an undivided attention in God, to freedom us fom the sensorial bonds therefore reaching happiness in God.

We mustn't practice meditation with the idea of obtaining earth's fruits, we must meditate looking towards inside of us, until we become able to contemplate the souls blessedness.

Do not pay attention to the time that it takes to reach the objective, just practice with faith and persistence until God's grace falls over you.

Three forms exist of following the meditation's path:

The Satvic where you consider that the repetition of God's name and the meditation are duties that you have to do. That our life in earth is an illusion and you only wish and do good to everyone loving them, and not even do it for the fruits.

The Rajasic where every step that you give, you give it because of the fruits that that will provide you. (With this actitude you will gradually loose the desire of practicing meditation)

The Tamasic where you only remember God when you are in danger or suffering, and as soon as you get rid of the problems you forget God. (Those that are in this path will never be able to purify their minds).

Meditating will allow you to get reed of the ignorance, layer after layer, but in order to achieve that you must be equipped with good habits, discipline, and high ideals.

When we develop the interest and pleasure of meditating, then we achieve a will and a strength, bigger than the effort of meditating.

Sathya the truth is so comforting, that when we reach it, there isn't any more a meditation, a meditator or an object of the meditation, because they all become One.

The atmic blessedness is the goal and the fruit of the meditation. The human being that reaches that becomes pure, free from suffering and divine.

Then he will find happiness within himself, because the meditation will help him discover within himself the fountain of blessedness, he will be able to submerge himself into his inherent divine state, and become a Mahatma (a great soul).

From there on he will be free and realized, and will live in blessedness and peace. That's the fruit of meditation!

Written by Dr. Roberto A. Bonomi

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