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A Simple but Powerful Guide to Meditation

Rob Watson

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Learning to meditate can be fun and exciting, but you must keep these three important factors in mind at all times:

1) POSTURE - the important thing is to keep your spine straight because this positions your nerves just right and helps keep you alert.

(2) BREATH - after you have relaxed your body, you want your breathing to be slow, even and diaphragmatic. By controlling the breath, you directly influence the autonomic processes in your body, like immunity, circulation and digestion. Breathing is the one body function that is both
voluntary and automatic.

(3) ATTITUDE - Try to have a relaxed, confident attitude before you start to meditate. Don't worry about "doing it exactly as outlined". Just do your best and with time you will discover the method that is "perfect for you".

As a beginner, you will notice that your thoughts keep wondering in one direction, then another.

Keep returning your attention, as best as you can, to the objective of your meditation. (Whether it is
your mantra or visualization, which we will discuss later.)

DAYDREAMING while meditating will not produce the same results.


This meditation is very powerful. It is designed especially to help you overcome your inability to quiet
your mind. Quieting the mind is one of the greatest stumbling blocks, which must be overcome in order to enable you to get the most out of meditation.

When your thoughts wonder, return your attention to the mantra and begin again.Do not get upset or angry with yourself, simply start over.

Before doing any meditations, one should mentally say a prayer. This prayer is very effective:

"In the name of the holy ghost and with the aid of my spirit guides, I draw into my body white light for strength, guidance and protection. Thank you."

Repeat this prayer several times - while mentally visualizing white light entering your body from the
top of your head, slowly penetrating your entire body then slowly extending outwards, until your entire body is completely surrounded in white light approximately three feet all around you.


This meditation should be done every morning, before eating, for ten minutes, gradually increasing
time up to twenty minutes.

This meditation will tend to keep you awake longer so if you decide to do it in the evening please do it before your evening meal.

Now that you have decided to meditate, choose a comfortable chair which allows you to sit upright,loosen or remove any tight clothing. If you are extra tense, you can shrug your shoulders, roll your
neck and use your favorite body stretches.

1.Inhale a deep breath to the count of four and slowly exhale to the count of six. Repeat five times.

2.Assume normal breathing.

3.Close your eyelids and focus your eyes upwards to third eye. This is the point between eyelashes directly above the bridge of the nose.

4.Let your chin rest on your chest, head relaxed downward.

5.Let your hands rest easily on your lap, palms turned upwards as a sign of receptivity.

6.Make sure your spine is upright and also have the bottom of your feet rest on the floor thereby keeping you grounded.

7.Your mantra is the word "aum". Mentally repeat this word over and over without moving your lips or tongue.

As you are mentally repeating your mantra "aum - aum - aum", if other thoughts enter just gently push them aside.

By doing this MANTRA Meditation on a daily basis, you will feel inner peace, inner serenity. This inner serenity will glow to such an extent outwardly, your friends man even comment on it.

I cannot repeat this enough, "This meditation is very powerful".

Within thirty days, you yourself will surely notice a lot of little changes, all positive changes and just
by doing this "MANTRA Meditation". You will surely notice its "miraculous healing powers awakening within you".

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dedicated to helping individuals develop successful life strategies, both personal and business Motivational articles are published daily containing a rich variety of topical subjects

Copyright 2004 Rob Watson

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